Frequently Asked Questions


I have a question, feature request, or bug to report. Who do I contact?

Just send an email to or tweet to @getcadenceapp.

Is Cadence free?

Yes, Cadence is free to use with ads and a few features reserved for Pro subscriptions.

What does the Pro subscription get me?

Currently with a Pro subscription you get the following: all ads removed, routing, heart rate and power zones training and statistics, track heart rate with Apple Watch, support for Garmin Varia RTL515 and RVR315 radar sensors, support for Bluetooth power meters, calorie estimates, and the ability to swipe between unlimited data screens during an activity.

Is there a Cadence account I need to sign up for?

No, there's no Cadence account to sign up for. That may change in the future to offer additional functionality, but for now, Cadence works by itself on your phone.

Can I use my Apple Watch for Heart Rate readings?

Yes, Cadence has an Apple Watch companion app (iPhone required) that allows using the Apple Watch for heart rate readings. Pro subscription required.

I'm having trouble connecting my Apple Watch and/or the heart rate is showing 0

Apple Watch sometimes takes some time to begin sending HR data. If it's been a minute or so and it still hasn't connected or provided a heart rate, please try the following:

  1. Make sure the Cadence app is installed on your Apple Watch. You can verify it’s installed in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Verify that Heart Rate access is turned on: open the main Settings app on your phone, go to Health, select Data Access & Devices, choose Cadence, and check that Cadence is allowed to read Heart Rate.
  3. Start an activity from the Apple Watch Cadence app. Until an activity is started, the watch will go to sleep as soon as you lower your wrist.
  4. Make sure your watch and phone are communicating. Open the main Watch app on your iPhone and change a setting like a watch face color or complication, and then verify that change happens on your watch.
  5. Open the regular Workouts app on the watch and start a workout. Does heart rate show up correctly there?
  6. Ensure the watch strap is tight enough and in the correct position to read heart rate.
  7. Try quitting and reopening the Cadence watch app. You do this by opening Cadence on the watch, holding the power button until the “Power off” slider shows up, then press and hold the digital crown.
  8. Try quitting and reopening Cadence on iPhone by bringing up the app switcher and flicking Cadence up and off the screen.
  9. Uninstall and reinstall Cadence on your Apple Watch. You can do so in the main Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  10. Try restarting your iPhone and Apple Watch.

My Android phone (Samsung, OnePlu, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc) didn’t record my activity correctly when it was in the background. What do I do?

Lots of Android phones have special settings for allowing background processing to happen. If Cadence isn’t recording correctly when it’s in the background, please follow the steps on the website

Also, try opening the Battery Optimization settings, view All Apps, and turn optimization off for Cadence.

Finally, you can keep Cadence in the foreground and turn the "Keep screen on while recording" option on in Settings.

My Bluetooth sensor is not connecting or not showing data, what do I do?

Bluetooth can be pretty finicky at times.

Depending on the manufacturer, Bluetooth devices can take awhile to wake up and connect. After waking them up (by putting a heart rate monitor on, spinning a wheel or pedal, etc.) please give them at least 30 seconds to connect.

For Garmin devices in particular: please try connecting your Bluetooth sensor in the Garmin Connect app before connecting it in Cadence.

If you're having trouble connecting your Bluetooth device, please try the following:

  1. In Cadence > Settings > Bluetooth Sensors, remove the sensor
  2. Also remove the sensor in any other apps you may have connected it in
  3. Verify it’s also not in the list of connected Bluetooth devices in the main Settings app
  4. Turn Bluetooth off on your phone
  5. If possible remove the battery in the sensor for a couple minutes to ensure it resets
  6. After a couple minutes, turn Bluetooth back on on your phone
  7. Verify again it doesn’t show up in the Settings app
  8. Open Cadence
  9. Reinstall the battery in the sensor and move it around so that it starts sending data/trying to connect again
  10. Go to “Add new sensor” in Cadence and see if it shows up to connect. If it doesn’t, cancel the scan and hit “Add New Sensor” again a couple times just to be sure.
  11. Make sure the data field that’s showing values is set as “Selected”, and go to the Computer screen to see if it works

How do I pair and use my Garmin Varia Radar?

Connect your Garmin Varia just like you would any other Bluetooth BLE sensor!

Cadence is compatible with the Garmin Varia RTL515 and RVR315 radar sensors because they support Bluetooth BLE connections. When paired you will receive both visual and audio alerts on your phone warning you of approaching vehicles.

  1. Turn on your Garmin Varia radar sensor
  2. Open Cadence, tap Settings, then Bluetooth Sensors, then “Add New Sensor”
  3. Select the found device that begins with RTL or RVR
  4. On the Bluetooth Sensors screen, you’ll now see the sensor listed
  5. Make sure you select the radar data (the number below indicates current vehicles detected)
    Garmin Varia connected
  6. Optionally turn on Audio Alerts
  7. On the main Computer screen, you will now see a visual indicator on the left side of the screen.
    Garmin Varia radar display

Strava isn't connecting, how do I authorize Strava so I can sync my activites?

If you have the Strava app on your phone and it opens when trying to authorize Cadence, please remove the Strava app and try again. Doing so will force authorization to happen on Strava's website instead, which should work correctly. After you've authorized Cadence, you can reinstall the Strava app.

How do I customize the data that shows up on the Computer screen?

Go to Settings > Screen Layouts. Touch the Screen you'd like to customize, or add a new one. On the Screen you’re customizing, you can add or remove rows, change their size, or touch the data field title to select a new one. You can also reorder or delete Screens by touching Edit at the top right.

How are calories estimated?

If you have a power meter Cadence uses that as it's by far the most accurate way to estimate calorie burn. Otherwise, Cadence uses MET values with adjustments made for grade.

Cadence doesn’t currently calculate based on heart rate because testing has shown it to be wildly inaccurate, often producing numbers 30-50% more than expected. I'd rather err on the side of calculating too low.

What do the colors of the route on the map mean?

The color coding is to show the route taken, transitioning from green (start) to red (finish).

How do I mount my phone to my bike?

Currently I use the GUB Aluminium Bicycle Mount and really like it. It's strong, looks slick, and works great. If you need more flexibility on mount locations, I also like this style as well.

What bluetooth sensors do you recommend?

Any standard Bluetooth BLE heart rate, speed, cadence, power, and indoor bike sensor should work just fine with Cadence.

Examples of sensors that are confirmed to work with Cadence include:

Heart Rate Monitors

Speed and Cadence Sensors

Power Meters

Radar Sensors and Tail Lights

Indoor Bikes

How do I backup/export and import my activities?

There's a few ways your activities can get backed up and imported.

  1. All activities are included in Apple's iCloud backups, so if you upgrade your phone and restore it from a backup, your existing activities will be included in that.
  2. From the bottom of the main History screen, you can export all your activities in Cadence's .json format as a .zip archive. To import, simply select the .zip archive file that was created when you exported.
  3. You can sync your activities to Strava and later download them from their Account Download page. After receiving your Strava archive, you’ll need to put each individual Cadence activity file in a new folder, making sure each file ends with a .tcx extension. Then, create a .zip archive of the folder containing all the .tcx activities, put that on your phone (likely in your iCloud Drive), and select the .zip archive file to import.
  4. When viewing a single activity, you can tap the red (...) button at the top right and export as a .tcx file that can be saved on your computer or uploaded elsewhere, like Garmin Connect. You’d then import the same way as Strava above — by putting all the .tcx files into a folder, creating a .zip archive of the folder, putting it on your phone, and selecting the .zip archive file to import in Cadence.

Note: Cadence can only import activities that were created by Cadence at this time.

How do I backup/export and import my settings?

There's a couple ways your settings can get backed up and imported.

  1. Settings are included in Apple's iCloud backups, so if you upgrade your phone and restore it from a backup, your existing settings will be included in that.
  2. From the bottom of the main Settings screen, you can export your settings and import them by selecting the exported .zip file.

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