Support & Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pair and use my Garmin Varia Radar?

Connect your Garmin Varia just like you would any other Bluetooth BLE sensor!

Cadence is compatible with the Garmin Varia RTL515 and RVR315 radar sensors because they support Bluetooth BLE connections. When paired you will receive both visual and audio alerts on your phone warning you of approaching vehicles.

  1. Turn on your Garmin Varia radar sensor
  2. Open Cadence, tap Settings, then Bluetooth Sensors, then “Add New Sensor”
  3. Select the found device that begins with RTL or RVR
  4. On the Bluetooth Sensors screen, you’ll now see the sensor listed
  5. Make sure you select the radar data (the number below indicates current vehicles detected)
  6. Optionally turn on Audio Alerts
  7. On the main Computer screen, you will now see a visual indicator on the left side of the screen.