Support Topic: Bluetooth and Sensors

Does Cadence Support SRAM eTap AXS or Shimano Di2?

Cadence only supports Bluetooth sensor data (not ANT+), and unfortunately neither SRAM eTap AXS or Shimano Di2 sends data over Bluetooth. Bluetooth is only used for changing settings and updating the components. In fact, Shimano Di2 doesn’t send sensor data over ANT+, but their own proprietary Private ANT protocol. SRAM eTap AXS doesn’t send sensor […]

Is Cadence compatible with the Magene L508 Radar?

Not yet. Please see below for the latest updates. April 10, 2023: The Magene L508 now supports showing radar data in the Magene Utility app. Unfortunately, there appears to be no radar data broadcast over Bluetooth when connecting with Cadence or other Bluetooth scanning apps. My guess is that when the Magene Utility app connects […]

Why does Distance say “Speed Sensor Required”?

When you’re recording an Indoor activity there’s no way for Cadence to know how far you’ve traveled without a Bluetooth speed sensor connected. Make sure to connect a Bluetooth speed sensor and set an appropriate wheel circumference in Settings > Gear > Bike > Wheel Circumference. Cadence can then use the speed and size of […]

Does Cadence support Fitbit for heart rate?

Unfortunately Fitbit doesn’t broadcast heart rate data over Bluetooth, so there’s no way for third party apps to connect to it. Some watch style heart rate monitors that do work are Apple Watch, Xiaomi Mi Smart Band, Garmin Forerunner 245 and 945, Whoop 4.0, etc. You can view more compatible sensors at “What Bluetooth sensors do […]

Does Cadence support ANT+ sensors?

No, Cadence doesn’t support ANT+ sensors, but nearly all running and cycling Bluetooth Smart (BLE) sensors are supported.

What Bluetooth sensors do you recommend?

Any standard Bluetooth Smart (BLE) heart rate, speed, cadence, power, and trainer / indoor bike sensor should work just fine with Cadence. While all standard Bluetooth Smart sensors should be compatible, below are sensors that have been confirmed by users to work with Cadence: Heart Rate Monitors Speed and Cadence Sensors Power Meters Radar Sensors […]

How do I pair and use my Garmin Varia Radar?

Connect your Garmin Varia just like you would any other Bluetooth BLE sensor! Cadence is compatible with the Garmin Varia Radar‘s that supports Bluetooth Smart (BLE), which includes the RTL515, RVR315, RCT715, and eRTL615 radar sensors. When paired you will receive both visual and audio alerts on your phone warning you of approaching vehicles.

My Bluetooth sensor is not connecting or not showing data, what do I do?

The most common reason for a Bluetooth sensor not connecting to Cadence is because it’s already connected to another device or app. Please make sure you’ve removed your sensor from any other devices and apps before connecting in Cadence, unless otherwise noted below. If you’ve followed the steps below and are still having trouble, please […]