Real App Store Reviews from Real Users

  • Best app available – full head unit replacement!

    Love this app! I tried every app out there and this one beats them all hands down. Awesome device support, including Varia radar and Garmin watch heartbeat. I had questions for the developer and he responded same day and patched an issue I was having within a week. With this app, I see absolutely no need to shell out for a dedicated head unit. I’d bring my phone with me anyway.

    MPJ Tone

  • Best I’ve tried

    I recently got a power meter and figured I’d try out phone apps before shelling out for a computer. Of all the apps I’ve tried this one is the best. Great interface and customizability. No bloat or unnecessary features. I don’t see myself getting a computer until I get to the point that phone battery life becomes a concern.


  • This is an astounding app! 

    I have this app integrated with my Apple Watch Ultra, Garmin Radar and Wahoo Cadence Sensor. It works flawlessly and is so flexible about what’s stats to show etc. It’s not once crashed or failed on me. It seems rock solid. Great that I can create routes and have turn by turn navigation through audio and on screen. It was well worth the money to subscribe. I doubt there is anything better.


  • The cycling app to rule them all…

    I started out with a Wahoo Bolt 2 but the small screen was not ideal so started to use my iPhone 14 Pro Max & evaluate 8 of the ‘top’ apps – all not ideal and then discovered Cadence, WOW 🤩 still cannot believe how functional it is. Totally replaced the Bolt and offers so much more. This is my 1 app now that I use for on the Bike and the bonus is I can reuse all my Bluetooth sensors for HR, cadence & distance 👌🏻A++


  • Best app for cycling

    By far the best app on the app store for those who have a bike! Better even to a cycle computer because it’s fully customizable in every detail! It’s priceless to be able to choose exactly what data and charts to see during a bike ride! Thank you so much for this wonderful app!


  • Stop looking further, this is the bike computer alternative!

    I was thinking about getting a bike computer, but this app is absolutely a better alternative! I looked at tens of apps before finding this one, kudos to the devs it’s marvelous. The UX/UI is clean, super customizable, Bluetooth captors, Strava support…everything is there! It’s the first time I take the time to review an app, so well deserved! Keep up the good work a d upcoming features!


  • Awesome – just about to spend 400 bucks on a bike computer that did not seem to even have everything

    Awesome – just about to spend 400 bucks on a bike computer that did not seem to even have everything. And I did not like the idea of carrying 2 devices, bike computer and phone. I am waiting on power meter pedals I ordered and assuming they work, and so far Varia and HR sensor have, I can’t see anything negative. Buy it, support the developers. Awesome job!


  • Incredibly capable

    This app eliminates the need for a separate bike computer. Pair it with a Peak Design phone case and mount and you’re sorted!


  • Garmin alternative

    I use this now with the Mous Mount and its the perfect alternative to a Garmin (or whatever head unit you use) and as I always take my phone with me on rides anyway it was a no brainer! Lots of customisable screens and options and uploads to Strava faultlessly every time. The customer service from the guys at Cadence is always quick and helpful, the app works seamlessly with my chest strap (tickr) and I have paired my Garmin Varia radar which shows up on screen 👌 I would thoroughly recommend to anyone.


  • This is a great app, absolutely love it

    This is a great app, absolutely love it. I’ve been asking for a way to turn my smartphone into a cycling computer for ages and this is the first app that really does it without any compromises. It’s responsive, VERY customisable and compatible with lots of sensors. I really don’t understand how this doesn’t have millions of downloads, but I’m sure it will!


  • Top-Notch!!!

    I downloaded and tried nearly every cycling app available for iPhone. All I wanted was an app that would pair with a variety of sensors and had a customizable interface that would allow me to display MPH, RPM and HR in large, bold font with a few other data points in smaller font. Incredibly, almost none of the available apps fit the bill… Until I came across Cadence. Cadence is a work of art. A true masterpiece. I’ve designed interfaces and apps for two decades. I know a great app when I see and use one. And this is fantastic. FIVE STARS!!! Intuitive, easy to use, versatile, with a clean interface. Absolutely top-notch.


  • Brilliant cycle computer app

    Does everything my Garmin does but better!!!!


  • Really outstanding

    I haven’t found such functionality, sensor support, nice UI and level of customization in other cycling apps. I appreciate also perfect user support.


  • Awesome value for money alternative to a bike computer 

    Love it. I don’t think there’s a comparable app that does as much as this. The only other option is a bike computer. Connects my rear radar light, Apple Watch (for HR), stages power meter and wahoo cadence meter; works perfectly. Syncs seamlessly to Strava, and the dashboard layout and colours can be customised to your hearts content. 

    Jimi Tune

  • Works. Does everything.

    Use this app on my commuting bike almost everyday. Ties in my HR from my Apple Watch. Varia radar. Auto pauses and restarts correctly. Quick customer support. Gold standard of apps.


  • Does everything the other apps won’t 

    It is the perfect biking app. I’ve been recommending this to everyone if the subject comes up.


  • By far the best free app for capturing cycling data and uploading it to the Health app

    By far the best free app for capturing cycling data and uploading it to the Health app. I tried a dozen different free cycling tracker apps. Many of them did not support uploading cycling data to health, or only provided it in a paid version. Some required you to register, share personal data, or always allow access to location services (even when the app was not running). Several claimed to support uploading to Health, but did not work. The cadence set-up was smooth and painless. Uploading data to health worked the first time out. It has a clean and straight forward UI, and automatically paused during a break. These basics would’ve been enough to earn it a five star rating from me. However, it far exceeded expectations in many other ways. The history section is best in class, with a clean UI, the best historical maps, and the best graphs. It also gives in the ability to customize screens. I was concerned that the GPS tracking might kill my battery, but it barely used any juice. While the free version does have some advertising, it’s nowhere near as prevalent as in other apps. All in all, I would’ve given this a six star if possible!

    blackened catfish

  • Great Cycling App, so much Data!

    Great for keeping track of rides, routes, all applicable data including distance, time, elevation, route, minimum and maximum temp, elevation, average speed, etc. etc.

    Cable cop

  • Lots of features

    Cadence is hugely customizable, connects easily to sensors, and can display a ton of different stats. It integrates smoothly with Strava. Even the free version is stellar. I’m okay watching a few sec ad to get additional features.


  • A++

    VERY good app, works perfectly and is exactly what you want it if you don’t want to spend on a cycling computer. In fact, with this app I don’t really see a need for one. It’s even pretty soft on your battery.


  • Nearly Perfect

    Fully customizable and reliable, provides so much information during the ride! Love it. Thx for this great app.

    Gui 222

  • Must Have for Cycling!!

    After trying to decide between a Wahoo or Garmin and testing each device last summer I found this app. I like it so much better than either dedicated cycling computer. It pairs to all my sensors, and I’m not convinced I’d hear my Varia alerts over my music with a Garmin, but having the Cadence app paired to the Varia solved that completely. Really love this app and tell all my cycling friends about it!!!


  • Just what I needed!

    I use this for my spin bike. Not only is the developer quick to reply via email with any questions, but the app is updated frequently. It shows more information than my bike does, and it is super configurable for my needs. I highly recommend!!


  • Awesome app

    Love the flexible composable screens, heart rate tracking with Apple Watch, and the saved routes on maps. Great cycling comp.


  • Nice app, good value for money

    Nice app with a lot of configuration options. A lot of features already in the free app and even with paid subscription a lot cheaper than buying a fancy bike computer. Plus your phone screen is a lot bigger 😃


  • Bike computer alternative, Varia and Sram Power Meter compatible!

    Cadence is a great bike computer alternative. I mount my iPhone onto my handlebars and can use my Varia (safety lane assist radar) and track speed, distance, heart rate, and traveling route. I have SRAM Rival electronic group and it’s compatible with my SRAM Rival power meter so I can track power output as well as cadence. I also will pair with my heart rate monitor (Polar H10) on workouts. I commute to work daily with my bike and it’s nice how you can directly save activities automatically to Strava and Apple Health with one tap after finishing workout.


  • Simple, useful app

    As I am beginning a new habit of cycling on my indoor trainer, this free app makes the experience so much richer. Watching the one or two ads each session is worth it.

    gene 5005

  • Gets rid of the computer

    I usually carry my phone on rides in addition to the bike computer. With Cadence the UI is so tastefully laid out that you wouldn’t need a bike computer. All the measurements are easy to read while riding. Love the app! The devs have done a fantastic job.


  • Profesional tool

    Very good app! Super detailed and accurate. Love it!


  • Easy and accurate

    Easier to use than others I’ve tried. No problems with power saver shutdown or gps pausing.


  • Concise and easy to use

    I was looking for an app for a new indoor bike I bought. Some were overly complicated, some were hard to use, and some downright hard on the eyes. What I love about Cadence is how clean the design is. I set up the screen with everything I needed, without clutter and extra details that I don’t need. Everything is there in an easy to use format. If you want clear, concise information that is easy to read (at a reasonable price) I recommend Cadence.


  • Everything I needed

    Enough features to skip a separate cycling computer


  • Great!

    I just want to have a saved record of my rides.I think Cadence works great for me even if I’m just using the free version. Awesome!


  • The Best All-in-One (radar-power-HR-Navigation) cycling app

    Only iOS app I know which integrates at the same time navigation, rear product proximity radar and power sensor.


  • Love the app

    Love the app and customer care is really responsive!


  • The Solution

    I have recently downloaded this APP, I needed something that would measure Cadence for my Cycling Training Plan…… being a novice with an Cycling Tech and APPS, I have found this quite daunting …. I came across this APP, I needed help and wa able to contact support very easily and responses were received very very quickly and efficiently by a ‘human’ none of this automated stuff … support were extremely helpful and guided me tremendously…. My first ride out yesterday using this APP only … all I can say is I have more data than I know what to do with but it gave me Cadence and Heart Rate (connected both devices via Bluetooth easily) and bingo …. I think this may even replace my paid version of Strava and an APP I use for mapping and routes…. So far so good. Top Class Customer Service. Links to all devices. Pushes data to other APPS. Definitely Recommend.


  • Love the app!

    Ok I accidentally bought the year sub, so I’m a paying subscriber. About a month ago when I first made this action at the whole purpose I left a grumpy review with some feature requests. The dude actually freaking fixed them less than a month later and added my new features. The colored heart rate tiles are exactly what I wanted and definitely put this app ahead of pretty much any other app out there. I really appreciate it dude, love the app!


  • Nice application

    Straight to the point. Allows you several configurations and user friendly


  • Very good application!

    I usually don’t write reviews on the App Store but I was surprised to see only a few reviews for this app and you guys do deserve better. I love the customizable aspect of the app, the free version is really doing a great job. The features that come with the premium versions are also very useful without being expensive.


  • Perfect bike app

    This is truly a great app! I use it everytime I ride my bike. You can customize the app exactly to your liking. In dark mode there is practically no drain on the battery. And it even works with my Garmin Varia sensor. I definitely recommend this app.


  • Replaced my bike computer!

    Perfect app excited to see future updates.


  • Perfect!

    Works perfect with Fazua bikes. Can read power and cadence at the same time. Thanks for a good app.


  • Solid app

    Cadence, heart, connects to Apple Watch. Syncs with Strava and Apple Health. All I need.


  • Great app, and very responsive developer

    I was looking for an app which could have customized screen layouts. This app fit that need as well as allowing me to use just one app for all my cycling needs!


  • This is my #1 cycling and running app

    Love the accuracy, simplicity, functionality, and integrations with Strava, Wahoo, Garmin Varia, and more. I love that I can send a real-time tracking link with an expiration date.


  • Top cycling app

    Right now it’s become my main cycling app. It lets you customize the cyclocomputer screen with the values you need the most, and there’s a perfect sync ability with Strava. For me it’s just what I need. Thanks a lot!!


  • Excellent job you’ve done there.

    The fields are very customizable and easy to read, pairing with sensors easily, infos displayed are exactly like on a pro cyclocomputer.


  • The Absolute Best

    This app is awesome. Indoor spin (such as Peloton, Bowflex, Schwinn, etc.), as well as outdoor cycling, this app has EVERYTHING you need, and then some. It works great; super simple and intuitive. Stop wasting your time looking for another app, and get this one. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Better than my Hammerhead Karoo 2

    Better than my Hammerhead Karoo 2, better than my Garmin 1030 and better than my Garmin 530. I wish I had more RokLock mounts or I would use it on every bike I own. 3 months later: This app just keeps getting better and better.


  • I’ve been loving Cadence

    Have contemplated a few times getting a bike computer but I can’t fathom the trade offs. Being able to create routes on Strava, send the GPX file to Cadence and get turn by turn is just tremendous. The app charts and data is well presented. It just… works. Cadence is far and away the best app I’ve used and I gladly pay for it. CycleMeter has nothing on you.


  • Great alternative bicycle computer

    I’ve been utilizing the app for two weeks and love the features. Cadence connected easily with all of the Garmin sensors I purchased. I love how Cadence can easily integrate with the iPhone and a handle bar mount. I highly recommend it to others who don’t want to shell out $500-600 for a biking computer. Low budget cost with a big upgrade, and fantastic customer service!


  • Best I have used for biking

    I have been biking for 50 years and this program just made it much more fun and easier to train. I kept trying apps that just did not have the features I wanted (or needed). Strava is good but it is more for routes and analysis of data, not so much collecting the data itself. The multiple configurable screens will give you enough options to keep you busy for a while and is worth the cost all by itself. The routing is good also so I will likely just use Strava for analysis now.


  • Best app for your $

    I looked around for a cycling computer when I got my new bike and thought I’d like one from the bike store but ended up returning it since this app gives you everything you want. I have mine paired with a wahoo blue WC for cadence and my Apple Watch for heart rate and I can see everything on my phone as I get my ride on. It’s definitely worth the yearly price!


  • Love It

    This app is really the cleanest experience and interface I’ve seen on a cycling app. Integration with the Garmin Varia is a HUGE plus.


  • You should buy it

    Complete app for indoor and outdoor rides/runs. It’s free, but premium price is ok, you should buy it. Strava sync, offline TCX saves, full details for every workout, plus routes and navigation. Just get it and enjoy your workouts like never before. 😎👍


  • It’s a complete app

    It’s a complete app for indoor and outdoor rides with all sensors accepted. It even supports routes and navigation. Very stable. Nothing to complain after 1 month of testing. Better than all other apps I’ve tested (over 30).


  • Champs

    The best app to track your activity.


  • Everything you need in a computer

    Works great! More than enough display options to track all your data. Well thought out design.


  • Excellent app!

    Super application que j’utilise tout le temps, je n’ai pas trouvé mieux pour remplacer un Wahoo.


  • Excellent Customer Service

    I feel the apps’ interface is easy, clear & informative. I had some issues navigating early on and the thoroughness and timely responses from their support team was an A+.


  • Great customer support

    Great customer support. Very user friendly app. Easily customized. Connectivity is good.


  • Really great app

    Really great app that helps with tracking cadence when using the Peloton app. I also use it to track my walks with heart rate sensor.


  • This app does exactly what I needed it to do

    Incredibly simple to set up, allowing easy unit changes and pairing of bluetooth sensors. Sharing with Strava is a great feature to have. This app does exactly what I needed it to do.


  • Best of all worlds

    The only app with live route and sensors data on single screen. And uploads to Strava. Plan with Komoot, put in Cadence, ride, upload to Strava: best of all worlds


  • Best app and not overpriced like the rest

    The best app and the best support for Apple Watch heart rate sensor has all the things that I loved in Runtastic road bike (now dead app)… Keep it up!!!


  • Already seeing real training gains!

    Real time bike speed, cadence and heart rate, everything I want in a training app and more. Still exploring the extras, but love the audible feedback and delayed start all ready.


  • Best app for cycling

    I use also Garmin varia radar with this app, it’s working great.


  • Best app for live display of cycling stats

    I’ve tried many cycling apps over the years. None come close to this one for displaying current speed, heart rate, power, climbing, and any other data I want to see in front of me as I pedal. It feels infinitely customizable, and the visual layout is top notch.


  • Best bike app I’ve found

    This app has all that the old Runtastic Road Bike Pro used to have before it was dropped. I like the Apple Watch connectivity for heart rate and controls. I’ve tried a lot of apps for road bike and I’m settling on this one.


  • Best Cycling App

    I tried almost every app out there. This one is by far the best. Buy the premium upgrade. It does everything you could ever want as far as cycling data goes.


  • Best iPhone App to replace a bike computer

    Perfect for road cyclists that want to use the phone as primary bike computer. Awesome job, dear developers!


  • Great App!

    I installed this app to work with my Wahoo device which did not pair well with my iPhone and nor interact with my Apple Watch. I have been using Cadence now for several months and have really loved having my ride info on my watch, which is so easy to view.


  • Definitely the best

    Try many apps but this is definitely the best. Simple to use, crystal clear and hyper-customizable. Possibility to create countless screens.


  • One of the best iPhone running apps

    There are two features that I really enjoy on Cadence. Firstly, unlike many other popular running apps it can record running cadence using internal sensors, so that’s one good metric to track with just my phone. Secondly, the activity screen layout is fully customisable, so I get to make it easy to read for myself. Bluetooth connection to external trackers works well. I can seamlessly sync activities to Strava. I really don’t have anything to complain about the app. More people should use Cadence, it’s free!


  • Five stars for Cadence!

    It’s great to finally find a good-looking, easy to use cycling computer app with all the features I need in one place. Cadence is perfectly customizable and easy to use on the bike. The app easily integrates my Garmin Varia and Quark power meter. Data exporting works well too. I also emailed a feature request and got an email back from the developer. Sweet! Thanks for a super solid app with all the right features.


  • Perfect for using w/ Peleton app on TV!

    I have a Schwinn IC4 spin bike that I love and I use it with the Peleton app on my smart TV. Only problem is my bike doesn’t have a very granular cadence display or power output…luckily I found this app and it is exactly what I needed!


  • Fantastic

    An all inclusive package… Best I’ve used so far… Fantastic


  • Has everything I need

    Probably best app for bikers. Has everything I need, works with BT sensors. Screen layout is very nice, clear and customizable.


  • Highly Recommended

    Very responsive and helpful dev that seemed keen to iron out issues with the app. Excellent user experience in terms of this. Very happy to have discovered this app, highly recommended.


  • I love everything about this app-:)

    Especially auto pause! I like techie stuff so in my opinion, it’s features are better than my Apple Watch.


  • Impressed with everything Cadence does

    Undoubtedly the best cycling computer application on the market I was able to synchronize my applewatch to see my heart rate in real time on my phone and with compatibility with all sensors.


  • Stop looking, this is the one!

    I’ve tried every popular bike app out there: strava’s too basic, cyclemeter is overwhelming and unintuitive, ridewithgps lacks functionality, komoot isn’t customizable. I settled for cyclemeter but was bummed there wasn’t something better. I randomly came across Cadence and FINALLY, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Packed with features, super customizable, and all wrapped in an intuitive and slick interface. 


  • Love it

    Really useful for indoor and outdoor training.


  • Possibly the best cycling app there is

    Loved it especially for the multiple customisable screens, and paired easily with multiple sensors.


  • Love this app

    Been through loads of apps including the big boys. They all left me flicking between screens. This one does it all on one screen. The metrics I need, including the garmin rear facing radar which is a game changer for me. Top marks.


  • More accurate than my Garmin!

    Fantastic, easy to use app. Highly recommend.


  • Multifaceted and customizable app

    This has got to be the only cycling app that allows customization of the screens and setting up multiple screens. It is adaptable for outdoor and indoor cycling as well as running. The free version gives you a taste of the capabilities, and what it offers the full app is a bargain.


  • Clean, simple, perfect indoor cycling app

    Cadence is 100 times simpler and 100 times more useful than the other big riding apps like rouvy and zwift. Instead of most of my tiny phone screen being taken up by a tiny virtual cyclist and barely visible confusing metrics, Cadence allows you to see everything you need on one screen: heart rate, speed, distance, and cadence. It connected quickly and easily to both my Garmin cadence and speed sensors. It also quickly syncs data to both Strava and Apple Health. If you have an indoor bike, this is by far the best app out there for effectively and easily tracking your exercises and progress. And bonus: you can take it on outdoor rides and runs too.

    Kat Pimms

  • Jeden z najlepszych, jakie znalazłem

    Bardzo dobra aplikacja, jedna z najlepszych, jakie dotąd znalazłem, w wersji darmowej ma reklamy, ale w rozsądnej ilości (np. na koniec jazdy, a nie cały czas, jak w innych aplikacjach). Używam tylko jako licznik do roweru podczas codziennych dojazdów do pracy i ew. weekendowych wycieczek (bez treningów) i w tym zakresie wersja darmowa sprawdza się bardzo dobrze – aplikacja ma niemalże wszystko, co potrzeba. Chętnie zapłaciłbym za jej wersję podstawową -“licznik do roweru z historią przejazdów” (bez treningów, czujników, wielu ekranów itp.) i żeby nie mieć reklam, gdyby miała opłatę jednorazową (dostępna miesięczna lub roczna dla mnie jest za droga i oferuje za dużo, jak na moje potrzeby). Ogólnie polecam 🙂

    Jeden z najlepszych, jakie znalazłem 5

  • Perfect app

    LOVE IT! Clean look, supports dark and light mode, easy to use, tons of modifications possible to have all the info you require in one overview, multiple pages can be created to quickly switch (just swipe) between views which also support more than biking (walking, running, ….) Had one question about linking my HR device (whoop 4.0) and got near instant detailed support and even less than a day a note to inquire if everything worked well: all works well. Brilliant service, Ryan is a rockstar!


  • Perfect

    This is a really good cycling tracking app and I am definitely going to use it for all my trips.


  • Simply perfect!

    Best app in its category, customization, light and dark theme, N measurements, synchronization with external sensors. Simply perfect!


  • Spot on app

    The app delivers spot on for what I was looking for. Tested a few different but fell in love with the simple and great UX. Love that I can customize the “computer” display. Also big shoutout for the great support in getting my Elite Misuro B+ sensor to work with the app. I have the pro and leveraging the Apple Watch integration.


  • Swiss Army Knife of Bike Computers

    I Love the Cadence Bike app! There are so many features that make the app so enjoyable to use.


  • The very best cycling computer app!

    I have been using Cadence for several months now and I can say that it is the very best cycling computer app available today. …offers most of the same great features as many of the leading stand alone cycling computers (Garmin, Wahoo, Karoo, etc…). Great app, definitely 5 stars and would highly recommend!


  • This app has all I could wish for

    Absolutely what I’ve been looking for since the Endomondo shut down.


  • This is just the thing

    Was looking for something to use indoors without gps. This is just the thing. Would highly recommend.

    May-Z P

  • Top

    Goede verbinding met al mijn sensoren, customizen van scherm, goed in gebruik, auto pauze, upload naar Strava, alles werkt naar verwachting. App is zijn geld waard


  • Unica!!

    L’unica app davvero completa che trasforma lo smartphone in un ciclocomputer con anche funzionalità GPS. Si può caricare una traccia, seguirla e contemporaneamente registrare l’attività. Si possono collegare sensori di vario tipo (cadenza, potenza, cardio tra cui l’Apple Watch!). La personalizzazione delle schermate è davvero utilissima e ben fatta.


  • Best Cycling stats app I have ever used

    I’ve gone through a lot of apps over the years…this one is by far the best one I’ve ever used. All the information I want is there. The customizable interface is amazing.


  • Eccezionale

    Tutto ciò che occorre, la vera unica alternativa ad un bike computer ma con la potenza di un iPhone.


  • Love it

    Large, customizable screen is easy to view at a glance. Automatically syncs with Strava. Tracks more data than I need for the riding I do. Support quickly responded to questions I had. All in all I’m very pleased with the App and the service backing it up!


  • Simple yet powerful

    Best biking app in the market. Customization is its best asset as well as its simple design.


  • Amazing app

    Есть все необходимые функции. Отличное приложение


  • Best Cycling App

    This is the best cycling I have used. I been downloading apps for Android and iPhone for the last 6 months and staying with this app on my iPhone.


  • An incredible app

    I just saved myself buying a cycling computer. There’s no need, I’ve been using this app on airplane mode, with my cadence and speed sensors connected over Bluetooth, and it works like a charm.



    Easy to use and it pauses when I do and starts up automatically! WONDERFUL!


  • Best in class

    After hundreds of cycling apps tried, this one is so far the best one I ever had. Easy to use, very customizable and clear layout, easy to add sensors.


  • The best!

    I have tried a ton of apps to track my workouts over the years and this one is the best! Clean and fully customizable interface that is simple to use with support for all of the sensor types. It’s really difficult to find all of those qualities in a single app of this type – I’d say impossible until now.


  • Awesome

    Great app👌 One of the best in the AppStore.


  • Best overall app for cycling

    Cadence is the best overall app for tracking indoor or outdoor cycling.


  • Better than Strava

    This is a real app for serious cyclists.


  • Cadence is the best

    Great app!! This keeps track of all my cycling data.


  • Awesome bike companion

    All I wanted was app that would support cadence sensor from Decathlon and heart rate from Apple Watch. Got that plus superior customizable bike computer screen that shows everything I want including stored routes. Cheers to developers!


  • Good cyclus computer, great design

    Nice clean look, user friendly design…with a wide range of data to display. The app also keeps your totals, week, month, year & all. No problem with Bluetooth (Wahoo) sensors. In short a very complete app with a great look!


  • Great App

    Love being able to track my indoor rides. World with my Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors and syncs to Strava! Developer is super responsive and helpful too. Five stars all the way.


  • Love this app!

    I have used a number of app and Cadence is the best! It is a great interface that can select easily what to display. The interface is easy to see vital info all on one screen.

    Lone crow

  • The Best App for Cycling

    The best app for cycling in App Store. UI is simple, but highly informative and readable.