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What Bluetooth sensors do you recommend?

Any standard Bluetooth Smart (BLE) heart rate, speed, cadence, power, and trainer / indoor bike sensor should work just fine with Cadence.

While all standard Bluetooth Smart sensors should be compatible, below are sensors that have been confirmed by users to work with Cadence:

Heart Rate Monitors

Speed and Cadence Sensors

Power Meters

Dual side power meters support pedal balance.

Radar Sensors and Tail Lights

Indoor Bikes and Bike Trainers

  • Schwinn IC4
  • Bowflex C6
  • JFICcycle
  • BodyTone S20
  • Cadenza S25
  • Wahoo Kickr
  • Tacx Neo
  • And all other standard BLE (Bluetooth Smart) Indoor Bikes and Trainers.

Augmented Reality Glasses

Electric Bikes

  • Cadence doesn’t yet support e-bikes that require a passcode to connect.

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