Cadence is the First Third-Party App to Add Support for Bryton Gardia Radar

We’re thrilled to announce that Cadence is the first third-party app to integrate with the Bryton Gardia Radar! This exciting update brings a new dimension of safety and awareness to your rides.

Bryton Gardia radar mounted on seatpost with cyclist in background.

Experience Unmatched Rearview Awareness

The Bryton Gardia R300L isn’t just a radar; it’s a high-tech guardian for your cycling adventures. With rearview radar capabilities and an integrated tail light, the Gardia R300L offers unparalleled protection. As you pedal, it keeps an eye on the road behind you, detecting vehicles from up to 190 meters away. And now, with Cadence 2.1.0, you can monitor the traffic behind directly from your app interface. See real-time information on approaching vehicles, including their speed and distance, and activate audio alerts to heighten your situational awareness.

Advanced Warning System

The Gardia R300L isn’t just about detection—it’s about protection. It intelligently adjusts its tail light intensity when it senses approaching traffic, signaling potential threats and ensuring you’re seen. This proactive approach to safety means you’re always one step ahead, prepared for whatever comes your way.

Illuminate Your Journey

The Bryton Gardia R300L is designed to light up your path with a robust 73 lumens tail light, making you visible for up to a mile. Whether you’re on a sunlit road or cycling at dusk, you remain noticeable to drivers, ensuring a safer ride.

Cadence + Gardia

Upgrade your cycling experience with Cadence 2.1.0 and Bryton Gardia Radar. Together, they bring cutting-edge technology and peace of mind to every journey, ensuring you ride safer, smarter, and with greater confidence.

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