Support & Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my battery last while using Cadence?

Battery life will of course vary depending on your device, battery health, screen brightness, screen layout in Cadence, etc.

The following tests results were performed with the default “Cycling” screen layout, screen brightness at 50%, and no Bluetooth sensors connected. Though the phones were sitting still, GPS was active so all the stats were processing like normal and should reflect typical usage:

  • iPhone 12: 12 hours
  • iPhone 5s: 5 hours
  • Google Pixel 3a with Android 12: 9 hours
  • Samsung S10+ with Android 12: 9 hours
  • Samsung A11 with Android 10: 9 hours

With the screen turned off, Cadence ran for over 9 hours on the iPhone 5s.

Row of phones running Cadence for a battery test.

Here are a few tips to help increase battery life:

  1. If you have an OLED screen, switch to the dark theme
  2. Reduce screen brightness
  3. Remove any maps from your primary screen layout
  4. If you need a map, use the one native to the platform (Apple for iPhone, Google for Android)
  5. If you have an Apple Watch, you can turn off your phone screen and use the Cadence Apple Watch app
  6. The more Bluetooth sensors you have connected, the less battery life you’ll have

As more battery tests are done, results will be added to this page.