Support Topic: Using Cadence

What Voice Announcements are available?

Voice Announcement Settings Announcement Speed: Very Slow, Slow, Medium, Fast, Very Fast Interval Type: Distance or Time Voice Announcement Data The following is a list of available Voice Announcements as of Cadence 1.7.8: Totals and Misc Speed and Pace Cadence Heart Rate Power Elevation Calories

How do Strava Live Segments Work?

To use Strava Live Segments you need a subscription to both Cadence Elite and Strava Summit. Below you’ll find details on how to Enable Strava Live Segments and how to Use Strava Live Segments. All segment effort results are preliminary. Final results will be determined by Strava after uploading your activity. Note that Strava Live […]

What data does Cadence sync to Apple Health?

As of version 1.7.17, Cadence syncs all workout data to Apple Health, including workout type, location, duration, distance, elevation, speed, steps, and calories. When synced to Apple Health, these workouts will contribute to your Activity Rings in the Fitness app. Make sure to turn on access in the main Settings app › Health › Data […]

How does the Live Tracking feature work?

Live Tracking: you can turn on Live Tracking from the Settings screen. If you turn it off, your Live Tracking data is removed and your link will no longer work. Update Interval: how often the app will send live tracking data. The more frequently Live Tracking is updated, the more your battery life will be […]

What data fields are available to view during an activity?

Cadence has over 100 metrics to choose from! You can even customize the text colors and background colors of each field individually. Below is a list as of version 1.7.9: Cadence Fields Calorie Fields When using a cycling power meter, calories are equivalent to kilojoules. Device Fields Distance Fields Elevation Fields Heart Rate Fields Lap […]

How do I change between metric and imperial units?

Go to the Settings screen and under Display, tap Data Formats. You’ll then be able to set all the following to your own personal preference: Set distance to Miles or Kilometers. Set elevation to Feet or Meters. Set weight to Pounds or Kilograms. Set temperature to Fahrenheit or Celsius. Set date to mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy. […]

How long should my battery last while using Cadence?

Battery life will of course vary depending on your device, battery health, screen brightness, screen layout in Cadence, etc. Please see tips for increasing battery life and more real world tests below. The following tests results were performed with the default “Cycling” screen layout, screen brightness at 50% with the Light theme, and no Bluetooth […]

What’s the difference between routes and turn by turn navigation?

Routes are a feature of Cadence Pro. You can save your existing activities or import .gpx files as routes in Cadence. Those routes show up on the map as a green line when you record an activity so that you can follow them. Turn by turn navigation are routes with added navigation data and are […]

How do I backup/export and import my settings and routes?

There’s a couple ways your settings and routes can get backed up and imported. Settings and routes are included in Apple’s iCloud backups, so if you upgrade your phone and restore it from a backup, your existing settings will be included in that. From the bottom of the main Settings screen, you can export your […]

How do I backup/export and import my activities?

There’s a few ways your activities can get backed up and imported. Note: Cadence can only import activities that were originally created by Cadence at this time. From the bottom of the main History screen, you can export all your activities as a .zip archive. To import, simply select the .zip archive file that was created […]