Support & Frequently Asked Questions

My Bluetooth sensor is not connecting or not showing data, what do I do?

Depending on the manufacturer, Bluetooth devices can take awhile to wake up and connect. After waking them up (by putting a heart rate monitor on, spinning a wheel or pedal, etc.) please give them at least 30 seconds to connect.

For Garmin devices in particular: please try connecting your Bluetooth sensor in the Garmin Connect app before connecting it in Cadence.

If your heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensor, power meter, or other supported device isn’t connecting or being recognized, please try the following:

If the sensor isn’t showing up when trying to add it to Cadence

  1. Remove the sensor in any other apps or devices you may have connected it in.
    • Once removed, try adding it again in Cadence. If it still doesn’t show up, continue…
  2. Verify it’s also not in the list of connected Bluetooth devices in the main Settings app
  3. Turn Bluetooth off on your phone
  4. If possible remove the battery in the sensor for a couple minutes to ensure it resets
  5. After a couple minutes, turn Bluetooth back on on your phone
  6. Reinstall the battery in the sensor and move it around so that it starts sending data/trying to connect again
  7. Go to “Add new sensor” in Cadence and see if it shows up to connect. If it doesn’t, cancel the scan and hit “Add New Sensor” again a couple times just to be sure.

If the sensor is connecting in Cadence but not showing any data during an activity

  1. Trying disconnecting and reconnecting the sensor in Cadence
  2. Make sure the data field that’s showing values on the Bluetooth Sensors screen is set as “Selected”.
  3. Go back to the Computer screen to verify data values begin showing up.

If you’re still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to email

If you’re having trouble connecting or showing data with Apple Watch, please see the Apple Watch support page.