Can You Customize Your Screen Display in Strava?

No, unfortunately you cannot customize your screen display in Strava. 

Do you love running, jogging, or riding your bike? That’s great! We love when people get out and get active. We also know that if you’re trying to track your running and cycling habits, you might be using Strava. 

Strava is a tracking app designed for outdoor runners and bikers. It’s a good option too if you’re looking to connect with a community of athletes, or if you’re looking for some really basic tracking statistics during your activity. But we think there might be a better option for you!

Cadence is an app that gives you access to all the features of a really powerful cycling computer or running watch. It works with iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android devices and syncs with Strava and Apple Health automatically so the data from your workouts can go right into a single dashboard of your choosing.

Let’s take a better look at Cadence as a whole, and how you customize your screens. 


Cadence is an exercise tracking app specifically designed for runners and cyclists. Cadence is a FREE app that will help you have a more complete running or cycling experience by providing you with the tools you need to measure, track, and monitor your activity. 

Cadence is easy enough for someone just starting out and detailed enough for experienced athletes. We track over 100 data points — speed, distance, elevation, grade, ascent, cadence, heart rate, power zones, calories, averages, lap averages — just to mention a few. You don’t even have to worry about setting up an account or purchasing the app. Just download the app and start tracking your activity.

Moving your body and focusing on your health shouldn’t need to include purchasing expensive equipment just to track your progress. Here at Cadence, we want the average joe to be able to get all the features of a dedicated, expensive device for free. Let us help you visualize your progress and meet your goals!

Cadence is also the best choice if you’re someone who’s a little particular about the stats you’re seeing. If you only want to see one or two stats at a time and focus on simplicity, we got you! If you’re someone who likes to see 16 different stats at once, we got you too! With this in mind, we created Cadence in a way that allows you to create custom stat layouts. This way, you get to focus on only what will help you reach your goals. 

How to Customize Your Screen Display With Cadence

Okay! Let’s take a look at how you customize your screen with the Cadence app! 

1. When you open the app, you should see a screen that looks like this. Click on the settings tab in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

Screenshot of activity screen with Settings highlighted

2. Once you open the settings tab, you should see a screen that looks like this. You can then click on where it says “Screen Layouts”

Screenshot of Settings screen with Screen Layouts highlighted

3. Once you click on “Screen Layouts”, you should see 5 options for the type of screen layout you’re looking for. For the purposes of this demonstration, lets choose “Cycling”.

Screenshot of Screen Layouts screen

4. Once you’ve chosen what layout you want to edit, your screen will look like this. Here, you can either hit the “Remove”, “Add”, or “Size” buttons to edit what statistic you want showing and where. You can delete boxes, add them, or change the size of them. If you already like the layout of the screen but just want to edit what statistic is showing in a box, simply click on the box and change the stat! It really is FULLY-CUSTOMIZABLE!

Screenshot of Editing Layout: Cycling screen

5. If you click any of the boxes to change the statistic you want showing, you will be taken to a menu of over 100 stats to choose from that will look like this. Scroll down for an alphabetized list of stats to choose from. 

Screenshot of Choose a Data Field screen

6. Here’s an example of the customized screen we made with the layout editor. Take a look at this before and after. This is only one way. There are quite literally MILLIONS of ways to customize your screen! You can see up to 16 different stats at a time with 100+ options to choose from. Only want to see 2 stats, that’s no problem either. Cadence really is designed for beginner to professional runners and cyclists. 

Screenshot of Cadence Editing Layout: Cycling before
Screenshot of Cadence Editing Layout: Cycling after

Download Cadence to Start Tracking Your Rides and Runs

Cadence is quickly becoming the highest-rated running and cycling app. You can download Cadence from the App Store or Google Play store today by clicking either of those links.

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