Support Topic: General

How does changing between Pro and Elite subscriptions work?

If you change your subscription Apple and Google both handle prorating the charges automatically. If you have a Pro subscription and upgrade to Elite, you’ll receive a refund of the prorated amount of your original subscription. If you downgrade to Pro from Elite, the subscription will continue for the prorated amount of time until the […]

How do I cancel my Pro or Elite subscription?

You can cancel your Pro or Elite subscription through Apple or Google. For Apple subscriptions, please to go for instructions. For Google subscriptions, please go to for instructions.

How do I mount my phone to my bike?

I’m a big fan of the Quad Lock products. I’m currently using a Quad Lock case with the Out Front mount on my mountain bike and Out Front Pro mount on my road bike. I also attached a GoPro style adapter to mount my light, and use the Quad Lock ring/stand when it’s not mounted. […]

What does the Pro or Elite subscription get me?

With a Pro subscription you get the following features: No Ads Save and Follow Routes Train with Heart Rate & Power Zones Color Themes Apple Watch Heart Rate View Multiple Data Screens Garmin Varia RTL515 and RVR315 Radar Support Bluetooth Power Meter Support Elevation Correction Activity Cropping Calorie Estimates With an Elite subscription, you get […]

Is Cadence free?

Yes, Cadence is free to use with ads and some features reserved for Pro and Elite subscriptions. Check out what you get with a Pro or Elite subscription.