The ONLY bike computer you need!

I’ve used this app for over 2 years now and needed to write this… This app is amazing, connects to all my cadence, speed, power, heart rate, and Varia sensors perfectly, I never have an issue. I started out trying every cycling app I could find in the App Store, and battled them all out to find the best. Cadence was far ahead of the rest, which either lacked features or were hard to read during rides. I’ve since tried all those apps again recently this summer and again confirmed how much better Cadence is over anything else. Compared to the best dedicated bike computers, my iPhone screen is brighter and bigger than any device from Garmin, Hammerhead, or Wahoo, and the Cadence app utilizes it fully to be a bike computer years ahead of anything else on the market. Get the Pro version and save yourself the money you would have spent on even a base model bike computer. Full integration with Apple Health and Strava syncs my rides, navigation for new routes is helpful and very visible.


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