Screenshot of Cadence

Cadence is a thoughtfully designed and fully featured running and cycling app.

Easy enough to use for someone on their first run, powerful enough for professional cyclists. No account or purchase required, just launch and start recording your activity!

Fully Customizable

  • Create as many customized screen layouts as you like. Swipe between screens during activities.
  • Choose how many data points to show. Want the whole screen to be a map? Check. Or load your screen with up to 16 data points at one time.
  • Cadence comes with multiple pre-made layouts to get you started: Cycling, Running, Map, Treadmill, and Current Lap. You can edit, add, and customize these screens all you want!
  • Choose from over 100 data points — including speed, ascent, cadence, heart rate, power, zones, calories, averages, lap averages, heading, sunset, and so many more.

Bluetooth Accessories

  • Cadence supports connecting to Bluetooth heart rate, speed, cadence, and power meter sensors. It even shows Pedal Balance for compatible devices (such as the Garmin Vector 3).

Train Outdoors

  • Cadence uses GPS, barometer, pedometer, and Bluetooth sensors to map and track all your outdoor activities in a beautiful, easy to read interface. Track yourself on a map or view your entire route as you train.
  • Automatically pause your activity whenever you come to a stop.
  • Set the screen to be on at all times so you don’t miss anything.

Train Indoors

  • Runners can track distance, speed, and cadence using the iPhone's built-in pedometer.
  • Cyclists can connect to Bluetooth speed and cadence sensors to track speed, distance, and cadence during trainer rides.

Voice Announcements

  • Have Cadence speak announcements based on distance or time intervals.
  • Cadence can speak over 20 different announcements, from split speed and current running cadence to current heart rate zone, total calories burned, and more.

Battery Friendly

  • Switch to the dark theme to prolong battery life. Or just because it looks cool.
  • On an iPhone 5S, Cadence ran for 5 hours with the screen on at 50% brightness, and over 9 hours with the screen turned off.

Export Your Data

  • Automatically or manually upload your activities to Strava
  • Export activities as .tcx files to upload to Garmin and other fitness services.


  • Keep all your history on your own device, securely and privately.
  • See totals stats for the current week, month, year, or all-time for all your activities, or break it down by running and cycling.
  • View detailed stats for all your activities
  • View multiple charts and overlay data points to analyze your activity.

Heart Rate & Power Zones

  • Take your training to the next level with heart rate and power zones. See what zone you’re in as you train and view detailed analysis after your activity is finished.

International Friendly

  • Customize individual data formats including distance and speed, elevation, date, time, and more.
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