Road bike handlebars with a phone mounted and the Cadence app on the screen.

Track all your Biking and Running with the Cadence app

Your best bike computer and run tracker is already in your pocket. And it’s free.

4.8 & 100,000+ Downloads
  • Better than Strava

    This is a real app for serious cyclists.

  • Very best cycling computer app!

    Offers the same great features as many of the leading cycling computers (Garmin, Wahoo, Karoo). Great app, would highly recommend!

  • Better than my Hammerhead Karoo 2

    And better than my Garmin 1030. This app just keeps getting better and better.

  • Garmin alternative

    It’s the perfect alternative to a Garmin. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone.

Runner looking at Cadence on Apple Watch
In a sea of fitness apps, Cadence stands out. - Outside Online

All the functionality you’d expect from a running or biking computer.

Train Outdoors & Indoors

Cadence uses GPS, barometer, pedometer, Apple Watch, and Bluetooth sensors to map and track all your outdoor and indoor activities in a beautiful, easy to read interface.

Set up your metrics however you like and swipe between different screens to focus on what matters most.

Over 100 metrics to choose from, including charts, route elevation, maps, and more. You’ll never miss a thing.

Routing & Navigation

Never get lost with custom routes and turn by turn navigation powered by Mapbox.

Cadence makes it easy to import your GPX routes or create custom routes right in the app.

Mounted to your handlebars or nestled in your pocket, Cadence keeps you on track and records what matters.

Detailed Analysis

Know where you stand with incredibly detailed history for all your activities.

Between the comprehensive statistics, colorful charts, heart rate and power zones, and lap and mile splits, you’ll wonder how you ever tracked your fitness before.

Cadence keeps all your history on your own device, securely and privately, only sharing to services like Strava and Garmin Connect when you say so.

Cyclist riding on road
Does everything my Garmin does, but better! – App Store Review

You’d have to spend over $300 to get these advanced features on a dedicated device.

Garmin Varia Radar App

See what’s coming behind you with Garmin Varia Radar integration.

Garmin Varia can track up to eight vehicles at a time and is visible up to a mile away in the daylight. With visual and audio alerts, you’ll give yourself more time to react, helping prevent accidents and improving your overall cycling experience.

Cadence is compatible with the Garmin Varia Radar on iPhone and Android devices and supports the Garmin Varia RCT715, RTL515, and RVR315 radar sensors. Learn more about how Cadence is compatible with Garmin Varia Radar as a third-party app.

You’ll wonder how you ever biked without it.

Live Tracking

Let friends and family know where you’re at with a link to track your live location, planned route, and statistics.

Designed with privacy in mind, you can set your live tracking link expiration, update interval, and privacy zone.

Check out the Cadence Live Tracking Example page to see how it looks!

Add peace of mind for you and your family.

Use Cadence indoors with Peloton and other fitness apps

Strava Live Segments

Compete against your best and most recent Strava segment efforts!

Cadence allows you to view all nearby segments and switch between them in a detailed, stats rich interface.

View your location in comparison to your segment efforts on both a map and elevation graph, how far ahead or behind you are, and how much further you have to go.

Check out the How do Strava Live Segments Work? page for more details!

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