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  • Already seeing real training gains!

    Real time bike speed, cadence and heart rate, everything I want in a training app and more. Still exploring the extras, but love the audible feedback and delayed start all ready.


  • Highly Recommended

    Very responsive and helpful dev that seemed keen to iron out issues with the app. Excellent user experience in terms of this. Very happy to have discovered this app, highly recommended.


  • Possibly the best cycling app there is

    Loved it especially for the multiple customisable screens, and paired easily with multiple sensors.


  • Best of all worlds

    The only app with live route and sensors data on single screen. And uploads to Strava. Plan with Komoot, put in Cadence, ride, upload to Strava: best of all worlds


  • Best app for cycling

    I use also Garmin varia radar with this app, it’s working great.


  • Definitely the best

    Try many apps but this is definitely the best. Simple to use, crystal clear and hyper-customizable. Possibility to create countless screens.


  • Has everything I need

    Probably best app for bikers. Has everything I need, works with BT sensors. Screen layout is very nice, clear and customizable.


  • Simply perfect!

    Best app in its category, customization, light and dark theme, N measurements, synchronization with external sensors. Simply perfect!


  • This app has all I could wish for

    Absolutely what I’ve been looking for since the Endomondo shut down.


  • Love it

    Really useful for indoor and outdoor training.


  • Amazing app

    Есть все необходимые функции. Отличное приложение


  • Best Cycling App

    I tried almost every app out there. This one is by far the best. Buy the premium upgrade. It does everything you could ever want as far as cycling data goes.


  • Spot on app

    The app delivers spot on for what I was looking for. Tested a few different but fell in love with the simple and great UX. Love that I can customize the “computer” display. Also big shoutout for the great support in getting my Elite Misuro B+ sensor to work with the app. I have the pro and leveraging the Apple Watch integration.


  • Best iPhone App to replace a bike computer

    Perfect for road cyclists that want to use the phone as primary bike computer. Awesome job, dear developers!


  • I love everything about this app-:)

    Especially auto pause! I like techie stuff so in my opinion, it’s features are better than my Apple Watch.


  • Multifaceted and customizable app

    This has got to be the only cycling app that allows customization of the screens and setting up multiple screens. It is adaptable for outdoor and indoor cycling as well as running. The free version gives you a taste of the capabilities, and what it offers the full app is a bargain.


  • Best app for live display of cycling stats

    I’ve tried many cycling apps over the years. None come close to this one for displaying current speed, heart rate, power, climbing, and any other data I want to see in front of me as I pedal. It feels infinitely customizable, and the visual layout is top notch.


  • Perfect for using w/ Peleton app on TV!

    I have a Schwinn IC4 spin bike that I love and I use it with the Peleton app on my smart TV. Only problem is my bike doesn’t have a very granular cadence display or power output…luckily I found this app and it is exactly what I needed!


  • Swiss Army Knife of Bike Computers

    I Love the Cadence Bike app! There are so many features that make the app so enjoyable to use.


  • Impressed with everything Cadence does

    Undoubtedly the best cycling computer application on the market I was able to synchronize my applewatch to see my heart rate in real time on my phone and with compatibility with all sensors.


  • Top

    Goede verbinding met al mijn sensoren, customizen van scherm, goed in gebruik, auto pauze, upload naar Strava, alles werkt naar verwachting. App is zijn geld waard


  • Unica!!

    L’unica app davvero completa che trasforma lo smartphone in un ciclocomputer con anche funzionalità GPS. Si può caricare una traccia, seguirla e contemporaneamente registrare l’attività. Si possono collegare sensori di vario tipo (cadenza, potenza, cardio tra cui l’Apple Watch!). La personalizzazione delle schermate è davvero utilissima e ben fatta.


  • Fantastic

    An all inclusive package… Best I’ve used so far… Fantastic


  • Perfect

    This is a really good cycling tracking app and I am definitely going to use it for all my trips.


  • Stop looking, this is the one!

    I’ve tried every popular bike app out there: strava’s too basic, cyclemeter is overwhelming and unintuitive, ridewithgps lacks functionality, komoot isn’t customizable. I settled for cyclemeter but was bummed there wasn’t something better. I randomly came across Cadence and FINALLY, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Packed with features, super customizable, and all wrapped in an intuitive and slick interface. 


  • Love this app

    Been through loads of apps including the big boys. They all left me flicking between screens. This one does it all on one screen. The metrics I need, including the garmin rear facing radar which is a game changer for me. Top marks.


  • The very best cycling computer app!

    I have been using Cadence for several months now and I can say that it is the very best cycling computer app available today. …offers most of the same great features as many of the leading stand alone cycling computers (Garmin, Wahoo, Karoo, etc…). Great app, definitely 5 stars and would highly recommend!


  • Best bike app I’ve found

    This app has all that the old Runtastic Road Bike Pro used to have before it was dropped. I like the Apple Watch connectivity for heart rate and controls. I’ve tried a lot of apps for road bike and I’m settling on this one.


  • This is just the thing

    Was looking for something to use indoors without gps. This is just the thing. Would highly recommend.

    May-Z P

  • More accurate than my Garmin!

    Fantastic, easy to use app. Highly recommend.


  • Best app and not overpriced like the rest

    The best app and the best support for Apple Watch heart rate sensor has all the things that I loved in Runtastic road bike (now dead app)… Keep it up!!!


  • Best Cycling stats app I have ever used

    I’ve gone through a lot of apps over the years…this one is by far the best one I’ve ever used. All the information I want is there. The customizable interface is amazing.


  • Love it

    Large, customizable screen is easy to view at a glance. Automatically syncs with Strava. Tracks more data than I need for the riding I do. Support quickly responded to questions I had. All in all I’m very pleased with the App and the service backing it up!


  • An incredible app

    I just saved myself buying a cycling computer. There’s no need, I’ve been using this app on airplane mode, with my cadence and speed sensors connected over Bluetooth, and it works like a charm.


  • Best in class

    After hundreds of cycling apps tried, this one is so far the best one I ever had. Easy to use, very customizable and clear layout, easy to add sensors.


  • Awesome

    Great app👌 One of the best in the AppStore.


  • Better than Strava

    This is a real app for serious cyclists.


  • Awesome bike companion

    All I wanted was app that would support cadence sensor from Decathlon and heart rate from Apple Watch. Got that plus superior customizable bike computer screen that shows everything I want including stored routes. Cheers to developers!


  • Eccezionale

    Tutto ciò che occorre, la vera unica alternativa ad un bike computer ma con la potenza di un iPhone.


  • Simple yet powerful

    Best biking app in the market. Customization is its best asset as well as its simple design.


  • Best Cycling App

    This is the best cycling I have used. I been downloading apps for Android and iPhone for the last 6 months and staying with this app on my iPhone.



    Easy to use and it pauses when I do and starts up automatically! WONDERFUL!


  • The best!

    I have tried a ton of apps to track my workouts over the years and this one is the best! Clean and fully customizable interface that is simple to use with support for all of the sensor types. It’s really difficult to find all of those qualities in a single app of this type – I’d say impossible until now.


  • Best overall app for cycling

    Cadence is the best overall app for tracking indoor or outdoor cycling.


  • Cadence is the best

    Great app!! This keeps track of all my cycling data.


  • Good cyclus computer, great design

    Nice clean look, user friendly design…with a wide range of data to display. The app also keeps your totals, week, month, year & all. No problem with Bluetooth (Wahoo) sensors. In short a very complete app with a great look!


  • Great App

    Love being able to track my indoor rides. World with my Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors and syncs to Strava! Developer is super responsive and helpful too. Five stars all the way.


  • Love this app!

    I have used a number of app and Cadence is the best! It is a great interface that can select easily what to display. The interface is easy to see vital info all on one screen.

    Lone crow

  • The Best App for Cycling

    The best app for cycling in App Store. UI is simple, but highly informative and readable.